What’s That Font?

What Font Is That?

Have you ever visited a website and wondered what fonts are they using? New fonts come out all the time. New variations of old fonts are released on occasion as well. If you’re like me, you can’t even pronounce some of these wild font names. Its hard to remember things like this.

Good news for all of us, now we don’t have to memorize everything. I’d like to share with you two online apps that help me identify fonts embedded within a website or fonts being used inside of an image.

The utility I find myself using the most is the WHAT FONT TOOL.

What Font Tool

On the WHAT FONT TOOL website, locate the WhatFont button (as pictured below) and drag it to your bookmarks toolbar. If you don’t use a bookmarks toolbar, enable it or simply drag the WhatFont button to your list of favorites.


With the WhatFont bookmark easily accessible, visit a website that has embedded fonts. Click on the WhatFont bookmark to activate a small script that overlays the screen. Just by hovering over a font, you’ll now see the font name and other relevant information.

This utility is invaluable. It can help you discover fonts that only top web design firms would typically have access to. I mean who has time to look through thousands and thousands of fonts? I don’t, but companies that build websites all day normally do. Fonts aren’t used by mistake. They are used for a purpose.

Fonts are like any other form of advertisement media. The proper font helps to set the mood. It can help to lower a customers guard. Fonts are used to invoke emotion. This is all being done subconsciously, without us even realizing it.


I’m not saying that you should steal anyone’s idea. But, if you notice a certain font being used over and over again within your niche, there must be a good reason why. The What Font Tool now helps to even the playing field. You can now mimic the same look and feel of top sites without paying for top web designers.

The second website I’d like to share with you is the WhatTheFont image utility. As shown below, this site allows you to upload an image or specify a website that contains the font you’d like to identify.


At the time of writing this story the “What The Font” online utility was down. It was displaying a database error when I tried to use it. I can’t guarantee that it will be available. But when it is, it works great!

For those just starting out. Remember that fonts help to set the tone and put your visitor in the right state of mind. Some fonts are better for selling things, while other fonts are better for story telling. Gauge other websites that attract your target market and see what fonts are being used.

As an added bonus for reading this entire article, here is a link to the Instant Eyedropper tool for Windows. It reside on your task bar and can be called upon to show you the HTML color code for anything on the screen.

Do you have a better way of identifying fonts found online that you’d like to share with the world? If so, please use the comment field below.

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