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In your quest to find cheap yet reliable web hosting, you should begin by looking at all of the factors outlined below.

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The first is ease of use. These days, web hosting companies are providing their customers with the cPanel for website administration. cPanel is designed to help you manage every aspect of your website including DNS, security, email accounts, ftp accounts, files, databases and traffic monitoring.

The cPanel is key to ensuring straight forward and no-hassle management of your online presence.  Make sure when selecting a web host that they offer several different web hosting packages, all with access to the cPanel.

Secondly is support. You may think that bigger companies provide better support. This isn’t necessarily true. Most big web hosting companies make you enter 10 different prompts to reach support, and then you sit on hold for an hour waiting on someone to answer. Half of the time, the technician that picks up the phone is just as confused as you are!

Web Hosting Tech Support

Big companies hire cheap, inexperienced labor and expect the staff to learn on the job. This means you’re online business is the Ginny-pig for a newbie just learning the ropes. Web site administration can be complex and confusing to say the least. I’ve found the best support is performed by resellers.

Your first reaction may be, why would I use a web hosting reseller when I can go right to the source? Resellers purchase either a server or a large portion of server space from a major web host. The reseller then splits up the space according to the different hosting plans they offer. In some cases, you will receive a lot more web hosting storage and bandwidth from a reseller, not to mention far better support.

Resellers are usually website design firms, IT service providers and online entrepreneurs who have extensive experience with hosting and website administration. The training period for these guys is over. They’ve mastered the art of email administration, file management, backups, security, domain management, advanced MX & DNS zone configuration, database administration and in most cases even search engine optimization.


Not a lot of companies come out a say they are resellers, but most small firms are. Don’t be afraid of smaller hosting companies, they provide the very best support and know what you’re trying to accomplish.

When it comes to security, backups and reliability. Most all web hosting providers are about the same. Security is always a factor and should be something that every consumer learns a little bit about. A web host cannot guarantee your web site will remain safe under all circumstances. Most recently there was a vulnerability discovered in the script that helps WordPress blogs automatically resize photos.

This backdoor enabled hackers to upload a script that essentially took over 1000’s of blogs overnight. This is just one example of why security is something that every website owner needs to knowledgeable about. Even if someone else designed your website, you should find out what security precautions are currently in place. For WordPress users, WordPress Backup to Dropbox creates an offsite backup to help with restoration.

Wordpress Backup to Dropbox

To recap, looking for a web host may be a little time consuming, but do your research and compare a few before making your final decision. Don’t be afraid of smaller hosting companies, they are just as fast, secure and reliable as the big boys. Look for providers who offer a “Money Back Guarantee”. In most cases, you’ll be able to see the hosting company’s true colors within the first couple of weeks at no risk to you.

If you’re currently looking for a good web hosting company that meets and exceeds all of the items discussed in this article. Head over to 1KCHOST.com, they offer heavily discounted cheap web hosting services. Monthly plans start at just $1.00 with no setup fees.


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