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Small Business IT Computer Service

If you’re searching the Internet looking for small business computer service or small business IT support, please continue reading. As you’re probably aware, there are a lot of choices out there. In the Kansas City area alone there are 100’s of local IT service providers. So how do you make the best decision when it comes to selecting an IT service provider to assist your company with break/fix issues, daily support, maintenance, and consultations?

First tip, stay away from fast talkers and salesmen.


The majority of midsized to large IT service providers will send either the owner(s) or a salesman out to speak with you. Most of these guys know absolutely nothing about supporting your users or your server environment. They are simply there to sell you on their outrageous hourly rate or scare you into believing you need their expensive monthly IT maintenance plan. When you begin to interview perspective service providers, ask them this simple question. If our server goes down in the middle of the night, would you personally be able to fix it?

I know that sounds like a loaded question, but think about it. Would you hire a Bookkeeper that couldn’t count? Would you hire a Financial Advisor that was flat broke? Would you hire a mechanic who didn’t own any tools? The answer is absolutely no to all 3 questions! So why would you consider placing your companies livelihood into the hands of someone with no real IT support experience? For most companies, just being without email for an entire day could bring production to a halt! There are countless issues your company can and will face in the coming years. When the cards are down, you need strong IT management that not only comprehends what’s going on, but has a plan to get you out of your dilemma.

I’ve seen countless situations where inexperienced IT managers have no clue as to what’s going on when a major outage occurs. They rely solely on their subordinates for everything. When this happens, the time it takes to resolve an issue typically doubles. The real technicians not only have to fix the issue at hand, but they also have to explain what’s going on in real time to their management team so everyone is in the loop. This type of support structure is a waste of time, energy and money. For every hour that your business is down, that’s another hour your employees are not being productive.

When selecting a computer service provider for your Kansas City small business, make sure the staff and owner(s) are all certified. There are several Computer Industry Associations along with Microsoft and Cisco that conduct certification exams for potential candidates. These tests are design to allow IT professionals to demonstrate their knowledge and skill set in a particular area of expertise. CompTIA offers the A+ and Network+ certifications. The A+ exam covers computer hardware and software. The Network+ exam covers networking and Internet security.

Comptia A+ Certification

Never allow anyone to work on your office PC’s that is not at least A+ certified!

When it comes to your server equipment, odds are your company is using one or more Microsoft Windows Servers for user authentication, application, file and print services. The domain controller and active directory services are the most fundamental components in your computer environment. To ensure your server equipment is being maintained and supported by professionals. Ask potential IT service providers what certifications there Systems Administrators hold. Microsoft offers several certification tracks. Make sure the technician(s) who works on your servers are at least Microsoft Certified Systems Administrators. Also look for Microsoft Certified System Engineers.

Just by making sure the technicians who are responsible for your computer equipment are certified can make all the difference in the world when tragedy strikes your users or server.


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