Top 30 factors for ranking well in the search engines.


30 factors sounds like a lot doesn’t it? Wait. There are slightly more than 30 on this list. The order of importance is pretty controversial and may stir up a heated debate. I say bring it on. All of the items below are in order of most importance to least. Google+ has been imperative to SEO for website owners since its introduction. If you think Google+ isn’t important now, you may want to reconsider.

Top Search Engine Factors

Facebook Shares
# of Backlinks
Facebook Total
Facebook Comments
Facebook Likes
% of Backlinks (no follow)
% of Backlinks (with stop word)
Length of URL
# of Internal Links
Word Count in Anchor Text
HTML Length
Postition of Keyword in Title
# of Backlinks from same Country
Word Count
Keywords in Body
Keywords in external Links
Text Character Length
Internal Link is Self-Referential
Keyword in Internal Links
# of External Links
Image Count
URL is no Subdomain
% Backlinks with Keyword
Existence of Description
Existence of H2
Existence of H1
Keyword in Domain Name
Video Integration
Keyword in H2
Keyword in Description
Keyword in URL
Keyword in Title

The top items go back to what I’ve been saying for years. The search engines, especially Google look at your social media likes, shares and comments to take the pulse of your online presence. The top 8 items in this list put together by search metrics make it obvious! Social media can no longer be overlooked by small business owners and online entrepreneurs.

For local service providers, a good way to build Facebook, Twitter and Google+ followers is to place your social media address on your business cards, flyers, handouts and even receipts. Create a special offer for those who like your social media pages. There are social media and list building WordPress plugins such as List Eruption 2.0 that can also help.

Facebook users are the easiest to obtain simply because there are way more people on Facebook. Google+ users are more important to your site, but harder to find. There just aren’t a ton of people using Google+ as of yet. Your focus should always be on improving your Google+ and Facebook followers. Social media followers should be more important to you than the number of hits you receive.

For online businesses, specialty and niche websites. I recommend using a WordPress plugin such as Dreamgrow Scroll Triggered Box or Foobar to add a creative touch. Getting people to like your site and follow you online is seen as a gesture of trust by the search engines. As more people trust your online business, Google is more likely to place you at the top of the results.

There are other important factors to ranking well. Top 5 Items Most Looked For By The Search Engines. Quality backlinks are next on the overall list behind social media. The use of buffer sites and Web 2.0 directories will ensure your site stays safe from search engine spam and junk links. For on-page optimization. Keywords in the title, meta description, header, body and URL are essential.

The final items in the list have to do with internal links and on-page content. Linking one article to another, using a robust menu system and providing your sitemap.xml to Google Webmaster Tools will guarantee that your site is completely indexed. Video content is preferred by search engine visitors and can provide a ton of traffic to your site.

The use of a video xml plugin such as Video SEO for WordPress or Google XML Sitemap for Videos will help you submit your videos to the search engines automatically when a new one is added. When search engine visitors see a video result in the search results, they are more likely to click on it.

Adding videos to all of your new content and using the Google+ authorship attribute will help you stand out. If there is only one thing that you take away from this article, it should be to place a Google +1 button somewhere on your site. This one single thing can dramatically increase your SERP’s.


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