Blackberry Printing

Print any document, from any device, to any printer. No hardware to purchase and the setup is pretty easy. First thing you’ll need to do is head over to and download the client software. The client runs on XP, Vista, or Windows 7. After you have the client installed, open the software and select the printers you would like to have available remotely. From your Blackberry, open Blackberry App World and search for BreezyPrint. Download and install the application. When prompted, enter the same username and password as you did on your PC.

BreezyPrint acts as a bridge between your mobile device and your printer. The BreezyPrint software keeps an up-to-date list of printers available to you on our server. When you want to print something from your Blackberry, BreezyPrint encrypts your document and securely stores it on their server. Your computer then automatically downloads, decrypts, and prints your document.

Tell us your thoughts on BreezyPrint or the printing application you use on your smartphone.

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