Internet Explorer 11 locks up after Windows 8.1

I installed the Windows 8.1 update on my PC and now Internet Explorer 11 won’t open. I installed Windows 8 on this PC last Saturday – 10/12/2013, less than a week ago. Its not loaded up with software and I’m not using any outdated programs. I simply have a few Adobe applications and Office 2013.

After the Windows 8.1 update finished, the first thing I noticed upon start-up was a Windows Installer box that appeared and seemed to be running a repair or update of some sort on Office 2013.

I was a bit excited to see Internet Explorer 11 as many have said its the best web browser Microsoft has released to date. As we all know, Internet Explorer straight up sucks, but I wanted to see if anything has really changed. Most of the websites I design using WordPress look great in Chrome, Firefox and Safari but look a little bit off in Internet Explorer.

Below is a video that shows what happens when I open IE 11.

As you can see, the Windows Installer dialog box appears and never goes away. I have completely uninstalled Silverlight, Adobe Flash and Java. I then disabled all add-ons. Even after doing all of that. I am still faced with the issue. I then thought, just maybe the Windows Installer process for Office 2013 on start-up may not have completed successfully so I ran a repair on Office. Still no luck.

As shown in the video above. I’m able to open Internet Explorer 11 if I open as administrator. This is odd because I don’t have this PC on a domain and my account is the local administrator so I shouldn’t have to edit any permissions. I plan on playing around with the permission to see if that helps any. I doubt it will, but its worth a shot. I’ll keep you posted.

Internet Explorer 11 - Windows Installer issue

At this point I’m going to hold off on re-installing Windows 8.1 as I just installed this copy 7 days ago. I’ll keep working through this error and hopefully find others who are having the same issue. If I find a solid resolution to this problem, I’ll update this article.


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    I am having the same issue

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