Adobe Flash keeps crashing in Firefox [Resolved]


The Adobe Flash plugin was crashing each time I went to YouTube or tried to view any type of Flash content. In fact, even when I stumbled upon sites that used just the slightest bit of Flash, Firefox would start to freak out.

The weird thing about this issue, was the fact that Internet Explorer and Google Chrome were not affected by this strange problem. Several posts on the Firefox forums said to start using Chrome or run a system restore. Neither of those options appealed to me.

I knew the first thing that had to be done was a complete uninstall of Flash from my PC. Adobe provides a Flash uninstall utility that can be downloaded here. After running the uninstaller, there were still several files left over that needed to be deleted.

Below are the locations of folders and files that need to be manually deleted.

%appdata%\Adobe\Flash Player
%appdata%\Macromedia\Flash Player

To quickly access these folder locations simply click on Start > Run. For Windows 7 users click on Start > Search programs and files.

Copy the locations above, one by one into the Run box then press enter.


Highlight all of the files located in these folders and delete them. The 4 folders listed above need to have the left-over files manually deleted. Once that’s done, reboot your computer.

This is where things got a little weird. When my computer started back up I went out to Adobe’s website and re-downloaded the Flash plugin for Internet Explorer and Firefox. Everything worked great for about a minute, then I started having the same issues all over again.

I repeated the uninstall process as mentioned above.

I then uninstalled Adobe Shockwave and Firefox. Uninstalling, then reinstalling Firefox seemed to have done the trick! I’ve been using my PC for about a week now with no further Adobe Flash issues.

I’ve dealt with odd web browser issues like this one throughout the years. I got lucky by just uninstalling everything to get it back on track. If the uninstall, reinstall process does not work for you, try a System Restore.


If the restore does not fix the issue, it’s best to reinstall Windows.


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