Ditch That Old Fax Machine

Believe it or not, people still send a lot of faxes. For small business owners, having a fax number is imperative. Before you run down to Staples, OfficeMax, or your favorite electronics store to buy or replace that new fangled fax machine, consider using an online fax service. A good fax machine costs around $200. Now factor in the replacement cartridges/toners, paper, and the monthly fees to AT&T for the fax line. Things really start to add up quick.

Electronic Fax services are easy to setup and even easier to use. I recommend MyFax.com. There are other online fax providers out there. RingCentral, Nextiva, MetroFax, eXtremeFax, and eFax just to name a few. MyFax.com provides additional features including intergrated support for Microsoft Office, Blackberry’s, and the iPhone.

During the account setup process, you will be provided a local fax number. When a client sends you a fax, the MyFax service converts that fax into a PDF file. The PDF is then emailed it to you. You can then decide if it needs to be printed. You can also use your favorite OCR software to convert that PDF file into a Word document if needed. Having all of your faxes in digital format helps the environment, saves money, and saves time if you need to recall the fax.

For a business that receives a large number of faxes throughout the day, it may be necessary to create an email box specifically for faxes. All users in the organization can then be granted access to the fax mailbox. When a user knows a fax is coming in, they can retrieve it at their convenience.

We would like to hear your comments. What has been your experience with online fax services? We’d like to hear the good and bad.

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