IASTORE.SYS – Blue Screen of Death

I was recently called out to a clients location to assist with a blue screen of death error message. The laptop experiencing this issue would boot into Windows just fine, but after about 1 to 2 minutes the system would freeze and the BSOD error would appear. The error message referenced the file IASTORE.SYS. The owner of the company performed a little bit of troubleshooting on his own and determined this IASTORE.SYS file was associated with the Intel Storage Driver. He explained that he’d been trying to update the Intel software but the machine kept locking up and rebooting. I booted the machine into Safe Mode and even then it started fine, then blue screened after a minute or two. I was beginning to suspect that maybe the hard drive was going bad.

I began searching different forums to see if anyone else was experiencing this issue and how they resolved it. After reading through countless forums, blogs and tech articles a ran across something that made me believe it wasn’t a driver issue and it wasn’t faulty hardware. I’ve seen viruses and rootkit’s do alot of weird things but not blue screen a PC after 1 to 2 minutes of usage. On a hunch I downloaded and ran the Anti-rootkit utility TDSSKiller. To my surprise TDSSKiller found two infected items and cured them. I was then prompted to reboot to complete the cleaning phase.

Blue Screen of Death Error

When the laptop started back up I ran HDDScan and chkdsk, both utilities showed no problems with the drive. I was excepting the computer to blue screen in the middle of using HDDScan but it appeared the TDSSKiller completely fixed the issue. Upon closer inspection of the laptop’s antivirus software I noticed it had both AVG and Microsoft Security Essentials. Both were out-of-date. I tried to uninstall AVG but was unable to. I did some searching around and was unable to find an AVG uninstall utility on there website. Once AVG was uninstalled, Microsoft Security Essentials automatically updated, I then performed a scan. Microsoft Security Essentials found countless infected files.

In the end I backed up the users data directory reinstalled Windows 7.

The moral of the story. Sometimes we spend countless hours trying to combat viruses only to reinstall the operating system to really fix the issue! I really hate viruses and the a-hole’s who create them..


What are your thoughts when it comes to viruses, trojans, spyware and the newest and nastiest threat root-kit’s? Also what’s the greatest length you’ve went through to cure an infected PC?

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  1. Leo says:

    That TDSSKiller saved the day, right on! Thank you

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