5 Aspects of Cloud Computing That Needs to Be Considered

Cloud computing is changing the future of technology and business. With so much emphasis on virtualizing and increasing productivity, the cloud has become a solution for both. However, there are things to consider before signing up for cloud services. These aspects of the cloud can affect your success in virtualizing and benefiting fully from this technology.


There has been a debate on the real cost of cloud services. Though it appears to be cost effective, how you use your cloud service will ultimately determine the cost. If you are simply storing files for accessing from multiple locations, you will simply pay for storage space. If you are considering multiple users and collaboration, you may find extra fees with some cloud service providers. Before signing up for a service, determine how you are going to use it, how much space you need and calculate the cost.


One of the alluring aspects of cloud computing is the ease of access across multiple platforms from anywhere an internet connection is available. Most providers offer a mobile app for smartphones and tablets, as well as a desktop app that instantly syncs your files. If this is your intention, be sure the service you agree to offers these connection options. You don’t want to get roped into a service that you can’t access when you need to.


Initial costs of cloud storage and services can be enticing. However, you must look towards the future and what your intentions are in the long run. If you get a free amount of space before you have to start paying for additional space, see how much the additional space will cost you. Also determine your future storage needs in order to understand what your future cost will be. Any good service will allow you to scale your storage and transfer needs as your needs grow, rather than paying up front for space you don’t need yet.


The most important aspect of any service is safety and security. Most cloud service providers are certified and follow the strictest guidelines for security, as some are less concerned with security. Don’t be afraid to call the service and ask questions regarding their security processes and procedures. If you are planning to store sensitive information, you want to assure they are secure.

Beware of The Middle Man:

Like most services and products, there are middlemen that sell the service as an affiliate. These 3rd party sellers are unable to assure your files are secure and often times add a mark-up to the cost. Ask the service provider if they host their own servers or are selling storage for another company. If you can’t reach anyone by phone, it is probably not the provider for you. A little research can go a long way.

Cloud computing is a technology that holds many possibilities. However, you still need to be sure you are getting the best deal from the right provider. Take the time to research a provider you are considering before you sign up and you can save yourself a lot of time and stress in the future.

Written by Gregory Maine.

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